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About the Band


The Dirt Brothers are a full throttle Hard Rock and Rock Blues band out of the Contra Costa County / Bay Area, California, USA.

Steve Patterson, Frank Fabsits, Aaron Jellum and Eddie Patrick united in 1995 as "Dirt Brothers" playing Bay Area shows until late 1997 where they would unfortunately disband. The band would reunite in 2017 to write and record their debut album “Down In The Dirt” in 2019.

The Band

Dirt Brothers Is:

Eddie Patrick - Lead Vocals / Percussion

Aaron Jellum - Lead / Rhythm Guitars

Steve Patterson - Drums

Frank Fabsits - Bass / Backup Vocals

The Album - Down in The Dirt

Dirt Brothers - "Down In The Dirt"

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Juan Urteaga (Trident Studio)

Executive Producers:

Steve Patterson, Aaron Jellum, Frank Fabsits

Dirt Brothers Logo and “Down in the Dirt” album cover artwork:

Claudio Bergamin